Seed for life

One of the missions of UENPS is to promote neonatal and perinatal culture and to develop any tool helpful to achieve surveillance of neonatal rights wherever they are born.

In that view, UENPS is working on a project called ‘Seed for Life’ that will support the low resources countries in the simplest and most useful way. “Seed for Life” is one of the components provided by UENPS HALL OF KNOWLEDGE.

Seed for Life aims to conceive, produce and provide basic educational materials for doctors and nurses, which can be useful in everyday clinical practice. All tools and ideas are focused on the well-being of mother and child and shall be simple but effective, easy to check.

He Seed for Life project is growing thanks to the generous mind of the UENPS President - Prof. Corrado Moretti, who is supported by the Executive Board of UENPS as well as the Scientific Board of UENPS together with the Study Group (Low Resources Countries Support) of the Italian Society of Neonatology (SIN).
Furthermore, the “Seed for Life” project will be carried out in cooperation with Unitelma La Sapienza University in Rome, Italy, which provides technical support and access to the low resources countries universities network.

At the current stage, UENPS is finalizing agreements with Institutional entities, which could identify the hospitals, potentially involved in the project, and support the dissemination of the materials.


Education, research and quality in perinatal assistance

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