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Following on UENPS’ mission to promote knowledge and achieve standards of care for every newborn, a division named UENPS Halls Knowledge has been established. The aim of this new structure is to gather all the experience and cultural activities developed throughout the years.

All the teaching and cultural activities carried out or under development were grouped in one place:
Europe-wide survey

Survey on Delivery Room resuscitation in Europe


• To assess the current practice and the quality of care of term and preterm newborns in the DRs among UENPS members and friends
• To identify common points, differences and trends
• To give back to participating Countries precise information on delivery assistance in their own DRs, identifying strengths and weaknesses
• To organize specific training courses or webinars on neonatal resuscitation, free of charge, for those Countries or Institutions that are interested in improving
• To provide the starting point for a European collaborative network


The initiative is a cooperation between UENPS and the Italian Society of Neonatology (SIN) which designed the survey and provided its best experts who will analyse the results:


• The questionnaire is designed following the classic stages of neonatal resuscitation, including organizational (personnel and equipment) and epidemiological aspects
• It is addressed to Birth Centres of any level of perinatal care with at least 1.000 deliveries per year
• For Countries with many Birth Centres (i.e. Russia) a statistical support will be provided to help in choosing a representative sample
• Birth Centers will need about 30 minutes to complete the questionnaire
• The data provided by each hospital will be covered under the privacy policy of UENPS Society; it will be used to draw up results, and then it will be made anonymous before publication


• General information; Before birth (equipment, resuscitation team, briefing); UC management; Temperature; Airways; Ventilation; Circulation; Medication; Ethics; Documentation (after resuscitation); Education; Additional questions for Centres who care for infants with GA <33 weeks


• UENPS aims to help in improving National and European standards of neonatal care, through its outreach education “philosophy”
• UENPS considers important to share best practice
• The results of the Survey will be presented at next UENPS International Conference in Rome, November 18-21, 2020
• All the Birth Centers that will support the survey will have a free registration to the Congress for one of the staff members



UENPS and Unitelma Sapienza University of Rome invite you to our new webinars. The first session is 5 modules on Respiratory Care.
Scientific Director: Prof. Corrado Moretti
Scientific Coordinator: Prof. Gianluca Lista

Respiratory Care Programme

Module 1: Delivery room management
Module 2: Surfactant and non-invasive ventilation
Module 3: Neonatal RDS and invasive ventilation
Module 4: Pharmacological and haemodynamic support
Module 5: Chronic lung disease

Module 1: Delivery room Management. Chaired by: Prof. Ola D. Saugstad, University of Oslo, Norway

May 21, 2020, 2 PM CEST - Delivery Room Ventilatory Management of preterm infant with respiratory failure. Prof. Gianluca Lista, Milan, Italy. Ospedale dei Bambini "V.Buzzi" ASST-FBF-Sacco.
May 22, 2020, 2 PM CEST - Physiology of transition. Prof. Arjan te Pas, Leiden, the Netherlands Leiden University Medical Center.
May 24, 2020, 2 PM CEST - Management of asphyxiated term infant. Prof. Georg Schmolzer, Edmonton, Canada University of Alberta.

Look all the videos and documents of this webinar: click here

Module 2: Surfactant and non-invasive ventilation. Chaired by: Prof. Ola D. Saugstad, University of Oslo, Norway

June 16, 2020, 2 PM CEST - Surfactant Replacement Therapy Prof. Virgilio Carnielli - Polytechnic University of Marche, Ancona, Italy
June 19, 2020, 2 PM CEST - Non-Invasive Respiratory Support Prof. Bradley A. Yoder - University of Utah School of Medicine, USA
June 23, 2020, 2 PM CEST - Non-Invasive Ventilation Prof. Corrado Moretti, “Sapienza” University of Rome, Rome, Italy
Dr. Camilla Gizzi, “San Giovanni Calibita” Hospital, Fatebenefratelli - Isola Tiberina, Rome, Italy

Look all the videos and documents of this webinar: click here

Module 3: Mechanical ventilation of the newborn. Chaired by: Prof. Ola D. Saugstad, University of Oslo, Norway

July 14,2020 - 2 PM Cest - Interaction between the premature infant and the ventilator Nelson Claure - University of Miami Miller School of Medicine
July 15,2020 – 2 PM CEST - Conventional Mechanical Ventilation of the newborn with RDS: a tailored approach Martin Keszler
July 16,2020 – 2 PM CEST - High Frequency Oscillatory Ventilation: what’s new? Manuel Sanchez Luna - Hospital General Universitario “Gregorio Marañon”, Madrid, Spain

Look all the videos and documents of this webinar: click here

Module 4: Pharmacological and hemodynamic support - Chaired by: Prof. Ola D. Saugstad, University of Oslo, Norway

September 15,2020 - 2 PM Cest - Pulmonary hypertension of the newborn: pathophysiology and management" Prof. Satyan Lakshminrusimha - UC Davis Children's Hospital, Sacramento CA, United States
September 16,2020 - 2 PM Cest - Ancyllary therapy for management of neonatal respiratory failure: caffeine, systemic and inhaled steroids” Prof. Anup Katheria - Sharp Mary Birch Hospital for Women & Newborns, San Diego CA, United Stated
September 17,2020 - 2 PM Cest - Hemodynamic assessment: Cardiorespiratory interactions in NICU” Prof. Martin Kluckow - The University of Sidney, Sidney, Australia

Look all the videos and documents of this webinar: click here

Registration for module 5 will be available soon

In order to guarantee the best quality, the webinars will be limited to 2000 participants.
Available on first-come, first-served basis.
Upon finalising the regsitration you will receive a confirmation letter with instructions and link to connect to webinar.
You will receive a certificate of attendance after completing a questionnaire.


Education, research and quality in perinatal assistance

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