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UENPS was founded on the 1st of July 2006, in Vienna, as a confederation
of European Societies i.e. an organisation integrating national European Neonatal
or Perinatal Societies under one organisational roof.

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Corrado Moretti



Esin Koç

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Giuseppe Buonocore



Artur Beke



Antonia Charitou

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Dalia Stoniene

Executive Committee


Boris Filipic – Grcic

Executive Committee


Nelly Jekova

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Joana Saldanha

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Manuela Cucerea

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Heili Varendi

Supervisory Committee


Marina Degtyareva

Executive Committee

Russia (Suspended)

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The scientific Board

Ola D Saugstad


Gianluca Lista


Boris W Kramer

The Netherlands

Omer Erdeve


Nikki Robertson

United Kingdom

George Daskalakis


Vision & Mission


UENPS was founded on the 1st of July 2006, in Vienna, as a confederation of European Societies i.e. an organisation integrating national European Neonatal or Perinatal Societies under one organisational roof. During the 1st two years, the Societies implemented the following actions:
• Asking societies to joint UENPS
• 1st UENPS congress in Roma
• Some multicenter trials were proposed by some researchers and carried out.
• UENPS official registration in Roma 17th April 2008


UENPS collaborates in the fields of education, research, guidelines to improve quality in perinatal assistance (better practices) with all European and International Societies of Neonatology and Perinatology. EuroNeoNet, EFCNI (European Foundation for Care of the Newborn Infant) and ESN (European Society of Neonatology) are recent Partner Societies or Scientific Associate Members of UENPS.


UENPS Vision is:
• to promote the knowledge of the perinatal indicators and
• to develop recommendations, guidelines, training of the healthcare providers and any other tool to achieve the best healthcare for every newborn and surveillance of neonatal rights wherever they are born.


The mission of UENPS is to improve healthcare in the neonatal and perinatal medicine in the European countries. Main goals of UENPS are to improve quality in perinatal and neonatal care by integrating, coordinating and adding national and scientific societies’ efforts


Rep n. 51972
Raccolta n. 13794
On the fourteenth day of the month of April of the year two thousand and eight (14.4.2008) in Rome, in my office located in, Rome Lungotevere delle Navi n° 19. present before me

Dr. Fabrizio Polidori Notary in Rome, registered with the College of Notaries of the United Districts of Rome, Velletri and Civitavecchia, with the following witnesses:
– Miraglia del Giudice Roberta, born in Naples (NA) on 20 May 1966, resident in Naples (NA) Via Orazio n. 6;
– Bellardoni Mattia, born in Naples (NA) on 17 May 1980, resident in Rome (RM), Via Achille Loria n. 15.

The witness Bellardoni Mattia, whose details are indicated above, declares he knows the English language;

are – FABRIS CLAUDIO, born in Parma (PR) on 15 July 1939, resident in Turin (TO), Via E. Torricelli n. 64, who declares he intervenes for this deed not on his own account but in the name and on behalf of the Italian Association: “SOCIETA’ ITALIANA DI NEONATOLOGIA”, based in Milan (MI), Via L. Temolo n. 4, Tax Code 96270400581, as per powers of attorney conferred on him by the Association’s statute in force;

– FERREIRA GUIMARAES PEREIRA AREIAS MARIA HERCILIA (in some deeds and documents GUIMARAES HERCILIA), born in Apulia, Esposende (Portugal) on 28 January 1953, resident in Maia (Portugal) – Urbanizaçao do Lidador, Rua 1 n. 208, 4470, Tax Code FRR MHR 53A68 Z128Q who declares she intervenes for this deed not on her own account but in the name and on behalf of the Portuguese Association: “SOCIEDADE PORTUGUESA DE PEDIATRIA”, based in Rua Amilcar Cabral n. 15 r/c1 1750-018 Lisbon – Portugal, Tax Code n. 97504780582, as per power of attorney conferred on her by the Legal Representative and Chairperson, under the powers attributed by the Statute in force, MARIA TERESA SIMOES TOME’ CORREIA, born in Lisbon (Portugal) on 15 July1955, the original of which is attached to this deed under letter “A”, which is not read out upon express request by the Parties above, to which request I give my consent.

And I notary am certain of the personal identity of all the Parties present.

Before me is also Ms.:
– Cucchiarelli Ennia, born in L’Aquila (AQ) on 25 March 1951, resident in Rome, Via Luigi Gallo n. 25, selected as interpreter by the Party FERREIRA GUIMARAES PEREIRA AREIAS MARIA HERCILIA and who, upon my invitation and cautioned as to the requirements of the law, swears she will fulfill her duty accurately.

The Parties, FABRIS CLAUDIO and FERREIRA GUIMARAES PEREIRA AREIAS MARIA HERCILIA who declares she does not understand Italian but does understand English, have asked me to acknowledge as public deed the articles that will be communicated to me directly by FABRIS CLAUDIO and by FERREIRA GUIMARAES PEREIRA AREIAS MARIA HERCILIA through the above mentioned interpreter, as follows:

Article 1
The Associations “SOCIETA’ ITALIANA DI NEONATOLOGIA” and “SOCIEDADE PORTUGUESA DE PEDIATRIA” come together to establish a cultural, non-political and non-profit Association, with the name “Union of European Neonatal and Perinatal Societies” (Unione delle Associazioni Europee Neonatali e Perinatali) , acronym “UENPS”, based in Rome, currently in Via Francesco Denza n. 19/A.

Article 2
The Association is established for an indefinite length of time.

Article 3
The purpose and the provisions regulating the life of the Association are set forth in these Articles of Association and in the Statute which is attached hereto as a single document with its English translation (Attachment “B”) and which is not read out upon explicit request by the Parties, to which I give my consent.

Article 4
The members meet for their first General Council and appoint the Governing Bodies of the Association.
The following individuals are appointed to sit on the Executive Committee which shall consist of nine members:
– SIMBRUNER GEORG, born in Grieskirchen – Austria, on 3 August 1945 – PRESIDENT;
– KRCHO PETER, born in Kosice – Slovakia on 7 March 1962 – TREASURER;
– BRATANIC BORUT, born in Ljubljana, Slovenia, on 18 March 1947 – SECRETARY GENERAL;
– BALLA GYORGY, born in Debrecen, Hungary, on 23 March 1953 – COMMITTEE MEMBER;

– FANOS VASSILIOS, born in Medicina (BO) on 22 August 1957- COMMITTEE MEMBER;
– SWIETLINSKI JANUSZ ANDRZEJ, born in Tychy – Poland on 4 December 1955, COMMITTEE MEMBER;
– VARENDI HEILI, born in Rakvere, Estonia on 23 March 1959 – COMMITTEE MEMBER;
– YURDAKOK MURAT, born in Ankara – Turkey on 11 September 1954 COMMITTEE MEMBER;

Article 5
The Association shall bear the expenses for this deed and any other expenses arising in connection with this deed.
Upon request, I Notary, have received this deed, written using a mechanical means by a trustworthy person in the original Italian version, while the English translation has been written using a mechanical means by the Interpreter identified above.
In the presence of the witnesses I have read out the deed to the Parties present, while the interpreter has read out the English text, always in the presence of witnesses.
The deed, in the Italian original and the English version, is approved and signed by the Parties, by myself, the Notary, and by the witnesses.
The deed consists of three sheets comprising eight full sides. Closed and signed at 12:45.
F.to Claudio Fabris
F.to Maria Hercilia Ferreira Guimaraes Pereira Areias
F.to Roberta Miraglia del Giudice TESTE
F.to Mattia Bellardoni TESTE
F.to Ennia Cucchiarelli Interprete
F.to Fabrizio Polidori Notaio


Education, research and quality in perinatal assistance

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