Uenps is growing so fast and steady becuse we have at our side great partners who are happy to collaborate and share their knowledge and experience

European Society for Paediatric Research (ESPR)


European Foundation for the Care of Newborn Infants (EFCNI)

Chiesi Farmaceutici S.p.A.

JuniOrchestra-Accademia di Santa Cecilia

Presidente: Michele Dall’Ongaro
Direttore d’orchestra: Simone Genuini
Coordinamento: Gregorio Mazzarese

Members of the JuniOrchestra

Diego Amadio, contrabbasso – Pietro Angelucci, tromba II – Sophia Azzolini, violino I – Marco Nunzio Barbagallo, percussioni – Vittoria Romana Bertin, violino II – Sara bonanni, flauto II – Morgan Bonci, violino II – Miyù Martina Botta, flauto II – Andra Bretti, corno – Mattia Josef Brucchietti, contrabbasso – Francesco Saverio Bruni, flauto I – Giulia Bruno, violino II – Federica Campione, oboe – Costanza Cardarelli, violoncello – Elisa Carletti, violino II – Manuele Cassandra, clarinetto I – Maria Elena Castelli, violino II – Francesco Cavaliere, corno – Francesco Ciancaleoni, viola – Violiva Matilde Cocchi, viola – Mariama Coly, viola – Anna Cardioli, violoncello – Jacopo Cornacchione, oboe – Andrea D’affronto, arpa – Manfredi D’Antoni, contrabbasso – Francesca D’Ubaldo, violino II – Eleonora De Stefano, violino I – Rinchen Dhondup, percussioni – Giulia Di Gioia, violino I – Chiara Michelle Diamanti, violina – Lorenzo Drago, fagotto – Giorgia Ferrante Carrante, flauto – Matilde Ferraro, violina – Matteo Ferrentino, clarinetto – Michele Franco, fagotto – Benedetta Germini, violoncello – Leonardo Geusa, clarinetto II – Francesco Giampaolo, violino II – Leonardo Giordano, tromba II – Leonardo Giuliani, violino II – Lorenzo La Fortezza, tromba II – Carmine Macerola, Corsno II/IV – Francesco Massimiani, corno II – Simone Maurizi, contrabbasso – Domitilla Mazzoni, arpa – Sara Mecozzi, violino I – Cecilia Michieletto, violino I – Greta Michieletto, violoncello – Livia Montanari, violino I – Matteo Morbidelli, violino I – Matteo Natalini, Violino II – Caterina Nevi, arpa – Francesco Orestano, violoncello – Gabriele Orsini, violino II – Celeste Palmieri, violina – Francesco Papa, violino – Azzurra Pattaro, violoncello – Francesco Ludwik Paz, violino II – Anselmo PIetrosanti, fagotto – Giacomo Pisa di Monterosa, corno II – Leonardo Polsinelli, violino II – Marta Presentini, oboe – Anna Primavera, flauto I – Gabriele Maria Pugliano, violino II – Giulio Punzo, corno – Tommaso Quaranta, violino I – Deborah Rinaldi, violoncello – Alessandro Rosi, tromba I – Francesca Rossetti, tromba I – Simone Ruggero, violoncello – Alessandro Sacchetti, violoncello – Andrea Salutari, violino II – Federica Salzano, flauto I – Filippo Santacroce, Clarinetto II – Gian Marco Santoro, trombone – Daniele Sasso, Violino II – Giacomo Sermoneta, violino I – Luciano Siani, Clarinetto I – Paolo Sigismondo, Clarinetto I – Anastasia Spalvieri, flauto II – Noah Spalvieri, violino I – Aldo Maria Taggeo, trombone – Nina Talamo, violina – Pablo Tarli, Percussioni – Matteo Tiberti Bonetti, contrabbasso – Alessandro Tonsini, violoncello – Arianna Tonsini, violino I – Carolina Trudu, viola – Chiara Vanoncini, violoncello – Fabio Viglietta, Violino II – Valerio Villani, tromba

Squicciarini Rescue

Who is

“American Heart Association International Training Center” is an International BLSD Training Center (Pediatric and Adult procedures) accredited with the regional 118 emergency number. Under the direction of Dr. Marco Squicciarini, a Physician and a coordinator of BLSD for the Italian Ministry of Health and Scientific Coordinator of Pediatric Basic Life Support at UENPS.


Is a high profile audiovisual production company owned by Laura Ricci e Luigi Rotondo.
The consolidated experience in the film making and TV industry, along with the company’s focus on healthcare and corporate communication, are the features that make Studiomaker stand out as a market excellence.
Healthcare Reference: studiomaker


Who is

Translators4Children is a non-profit organization based on the contribution of more than 500 volunteer language professionals who translate incoming and outgoing medical documentation of ill children, upon request of a hospital or a parent. We bridge the communication gap when seeking for second opinions and throughout the European Cross-border Healthcare procedures. When we started thinking about ‘Saving children’s lives with words’ back in 2012, our vision had already reached beyond Italy’s and Europe’s borders. Today T4C can offer more than 15 languages including Arabic, Persian and Urdu. Our professionals –linguists and MDs- disseminate our mission via academic papers and projects and deliver presentations and interviews in many international conferences and settings. The Covid-19 Pandemic brought the whole world together and T4C is honored to include now among its collaborations those with UENPS and its distinguished scientists and remarkable professional societies.

David Nicholson

English consultant


Education, research and quality in perinatal assistance

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