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Partner societies

AAP (American Academy of Pediatrics)
Brazilian Pediatric Society
EAN (Egyptian Association of Neonatology)
Egyptian Society for neonatal and Preterm Care
Emirate Neonatal Society
European foundation for the care of newborn infants (EFCNI)
European Milk Banking Association
European Society for Neonatology (ESN)
FAOPS (Federation of the Asia Oceania Perinatal Societies)
Guangdong Neonatal Society
Guangdong Perinatal Society
Henan Pediatric Society

Mexican Council of Certification in Pediatrics, Neonatology section
National Neonatology Forum of India
NISONM (Nigerian Society of Neonatal Medicine)
PSANZ (Perinatal Society of Australian-New Zealand)
Saudi Neonatology Association
Shanghai Neonatology Society
Shanghai Perinatology Society
SIBEN, Mejorando el cuidado neonatal
The society of neonatology Taiwan
UCENS (Union of Central Eurasian Neonatal Societies)
USANA (United South African Neonatal Association)
Vietnamese Pediatric Society on behalf of its Neonatologists and Perinatologists


Education, research and quality in perinatal assistance

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