As Critical Congenital Heart Defects  (CCHD) are the most severe life-threatening heart defects and given its high incidence, it is agreed that timely detection has a critical influence on optimal medical results and survival probabilities, as late detection may result in shock with acidosis multi-system organ failure, neurologic damage or death. During the last 3 years a panel of experts and representatives of the major European Scientific Associations of Neonatology, have elaborated an European recommendation that aims to introduce pulse oximetry for screening of critical congenital cardiac diseases.  Those will promptly appear in a consensus documented signed, among others by EAPM (European Association of Perinatal Medicine – Umberto Simeoni (President), ESN (European Society of Neonatology ) – Daniele De Luca (Council Member), ESPR (European Society for pediatric Research) – Luc Zimmerman (President) and Daniele De Luca (Council member), EPA-UNEPSA (European Pediatric Association – Union of European Pediatric Societies) – Julije Mestrovic (Vice-President), UENPS (Union of European Neonatal and Perinatal Societies) – Manuel Sanchez Luna (President).