Dear All,

Hope this mail finds you well. We are writing to you in order to give another sign that a new era has begun with UENPS.

As per our statute we would like to give you a picture of the state of the art of the association (in bold the actual members) and involve you in some decisions:

President will be elected in Bucharest and it will be the actual Vice President Prof. Corrado Moretti
Vice President: to be elected by the General Council, candidatures are welcome
Executive Committee: in Bucharest we are going to appoint a new one

    General Secretary (eligible for 2-year term and may only be renewed once)

  • Artur Beke cannot be elected again
    Treasurer (eligible for 2-year term and may only be renewed once)

  • Gabriel Dimitriou cannot be elected again
    Five members of the Executive Committee (eligible for 4-year term and may not be renewed)

  • Heili Varendi
  • Rosa Tameliene
  • Maria Livia Ognean
  • Rosalina Barroso
    Supervising Committee: three members to be elected

  • Boris Filipic can be elected
  • Giuseppe Buonocore cannot be elected (already do 4 terms)
  • Neilly Jekova can be elected

We strongly invite you to put forward candidatures September 15th, in order to make our association stronger and more dynamic than ever.

Manuel Sanchez Luna
UENPS President

Corrado Moretti
UENPS Vice President

Artur Beke
UENPS General Secretary